LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has stressed the need of adopting measures to ensure availability of food to every person on earth.

“Food has always been the basic necessity of human beings and it is the most important issue in the present age. And, in order to ensure food security, it is necessary that government, research and financial institutions, and civil society should have close interaction,” the CM said in a message on World Food Day.

Due to imbalance between demand and supply, Shehbaz said, food crisis could create law and order problem in the world.

He added that those who have surplus food should share it with the less-fortunate people of the society. “The purpose of observing World Food Day is to create awareness about hunger, starvation and insufficient supply of food.”

Shehbaz said the basic purpose of this day is to consider important issues pertaining to shortage of food and evolve practicable recommendations. “It is also important due to the fact that it is aimed at promoting public awareness to eliminate the causes of hunger and poverty,” he further said.

In order to deal with the issues of poverty and non-availability of food, he suggested, it is necessary that such policies should be evolved as could help increase the income of low-income segments.

The Punjab government is implementing splendid projects for ensuring supply of healthy and balanced diet to the masses, the CM said in his message, adding that awareness is the first step towards food conservation.