KASUR- Power consumers are suffering great ordeal due to inordinate delay in installation of new electricity meters for the last four months.

The Lesco Kasur sub-division, however, blamed the shortage of electricity meters for the delay.

The report of a survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that the power consumers have been deprived of new electricity meters despite paying the requisite amount of money. They informed that whenever they contact Lesco for the installation of new meters, the officers replied that the department is facing shortage of electricity meters for the last four months. They said that the Lesco officials are convincing the service-seekers, who have applied for new electricity meters, citing that they are not in position to install new meters. “We have no option but to send the people back empty handed as the new electricity meters have gone scarce in Lesco Kasur sub-division,” the affected consumers quoted the Lesco officials as saying.

The applicants, who applied for installation of new electricity meters, said that they are bearing 24-hour power suspension, adding despite repeated visits to Lesco office, their demanded have not been met so far.

UC Chairmen Sardar Liaquat Dogar, Mehr Latif, Sarwar Dogar, Abdul Sattar, PTI MNA candidate Farooq Ansari, Councillors - Haji Zulfiqar Kamboh and Imran Zeb called upon Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali to take notice of the situation and resolve the public problems at the earliest.

When contacted Lesco SC Nazir Lodhi did not attend the call.