A suicide bombing targeting Shia Muslims killed at least two people in Baghdad on Sunday, officials said, a day after the deadliest attack to hit the Iraqi capital in months.

The bombing in central Baghdad, which targeted a tent where Shias distribute food as part of Muharram commemorations, also wounded at least four people, officials said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

The blast came a day after the Islamic State militant group claimed a suicide bombing at a funeral which killed at least 34 people - the deadliest attack in Baghdad since another IS suicide bombing left more than 300 dead in early July.

The attacks come as Iraqi forces prepare for an offensive in northern Iraq to retake Mosul, the last IS-held city in the country, after regaining much of the territory the militants seized in 2014 and 2015.

The launch of the operation is expected to be announced soon, but it will mark only the start of a battle that is likely to be the most difficult and complex yet in the war against ISIS.