LOS ANGELES-An intruder was shot and a security guard stabbed during a break-in at the Malibu mansion of supermodel Miranda Kerr, police and local media reported. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department described the Friday morning incident in a statement, but did not mention the home owner’s name. However the address given in the statement belongs to the Australian-born Kerr, 33, local US media reported. Supermodel Kerr married Hollywood star Orlando Bloom in 2010 and gave birth to the couple’s child the following year. However three years later Bloom and Kerr announced that they were separating. LA County sheriff deputies said that they responded to an emergency phone call and rushed to the Malibu residence where “they found an armed security guard was involved in a physical altercation with an intruder.”

In the fight the intruder managed to stab the security guard, who in turn “shot the intruder.” Both were rushed to the hospital and are expected to survive their injuries.

There were no residents in the mansion at the time, the statement read.

The celebrity news site TMZ.com said that the intruder had jumped the fence, and the security guard responded by shooting him “multiple times.”