The Raiwind march which was in full swing a few days ago engendered to the popular narrative that Imran Khan still enjoys a very overwhelming support in the province of Punjab. Now, if we take a look at the few previously held by-elections and peruse their results carefully, we arrive at a conclusion, which regrettably doesn't support the above-given statement. In the elections, PTI lost in many constituencies inside and outside Punjab. This outcome seems very absurd especially in light of the legions of participants that take part in the rallies organised by PTI.

It is a fact that Imran Khan knows how to gather a crowd at any given time and any given place. He has all the reasons to pat himself on the back for the success of the Raiwind march .

During the said march, while addressing the participants, Imran Khan’s mood was clearly aggressive. He lacked sophistication and his tone was that of a desperate and rowdy man. He, during that speech, let the cat out of the bag and uncovered his real plans without any reluctance. Now, after trying many a different plans and a variety of tactics, he is resorting to the final card: that of chaos and pandemonium. He threatened to surround the National Assembly to create a situation that will produce unrest and will, finally, push Nawaz Sharif to resign. This situation can’t be taken lightly because according to senior analysts he is capable of gathering a crowd ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 people within the premises of the capital city.

The question which now lurks in the mind in search of an adequate answer is: what aims and motives have actuated Imran Khan to take this path as the final solution to address his grievances? He is the head of one of the major political parties of Pakistan, he enjoys a majority in a province, and is a member of the National Assembly. His giving out of naked threats, and his overall conduct, raise a question mark on his personal credibility to be an active stalwart and statesman of the political arena. He, as it is quite clear to everybody, wants to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Yet his own act, use of vituperative language, and the immature methods he employs to tackle the challenges he faces, present a picture completely in contrast to the man’s ambition. The threat he has given out to the democratically elected government can only be the attribute of rebels and people who hold a grudge against the country’s integrity.

He is openly inviting people to be a part of a fracas which may erupt if things don’t go in the right direction. But he must know that in the case of any such donnybrook the loss will be of his party in the long run.

Imran Khan needs to learn the difference between a protest and a deliberately planned uprising, people are not naïve and can’t be conned into such delusional schemes with that ease, and they have grown considerably mature on political matters. Imran Khan must also know the narrow line which lies between being audacious and being non-democratic.

His threats to the government are condemnable and the way he is inciting his followers to give a final blow to the government is a criminal act. All the other political parties in the opposition very insightfully chose to stay out of this chaotic environment. This environment may appear very promising to the followers of Imran Khan but, basically, this is nothing more than a mere charade, which is devised with the sole intention of facilitating his personal ambitions.

To resolve the issues and discrepancies which may arise between two political parties, one should follow the official path, laid by the honourable courts and constitution. 

Many reports surfaced in which it was mentioned that even the top brass leadership of PTI is not ready to give their willful assent to another adventure of Imran Khan this time. Instead, they tried to persuade him to keep himself away from this dangerous errand.

It is the right time for Imran Khan to understand that living in a delusion has earned him nothing, has borne no success, and now has isolated him among the opposition parties.

Dear Mr. Imran Khan , to voice your concern, a proper and suitable channel should be sought. Violence is no solution, at all; in fact, the word “violence” should not even be in the dictionary of a leader who believes in democratic values.

To quote Isaac Asimov: “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”