ISLAMABAD-Government in next session of the National Assembly (NA) will move a bill for the protection of rights of persons with special needs, federal minister for human rights said this on Tuesday.

Addressing a ceremony here on White Cane Safety Day at National Institute of Special Education, minister Shireen Mazari also said that in near future they are going to issue driving license for hearing impaired persons.

Mazari attended the occasion in solidarity of visually impaired children and adults. She pledged in her speech that the government will do everything for the protection of rights persons with special needs.

She also informed the audience that she had sent letters of to all vice chancellors of public universities that they should impart education to persons with disabilities, either free or with subsidised fee so that they should become valuable and active members of society. CDA has been directed to make Islamabad accessible to all and at the same time State Bank has made many ATM’s accessible for visually impaired. Government is striving to make better opportunities of employment for persons with special needs with the help of NGOs, she said.

The Director General Special Education while addressing on the occasion mentioned that the “White Cane Safety Day” reminds us the plight of all persons with special needs and how to cope. These celebrations help make people sensitise the general public to highlight the issues of persons with special needs. People now can recognise White Cane and its importance for holders. Munnaza Gillani of “Sightsavers” also spoke on the occasion.

and ensured her cooperation in future for the welfare programmes of visually impaired persons.