KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here Tuesday said that the PPP was behind the Azadi March of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman but nobody would be allowed to create crisis and anarchy in the country.

Talking to media outside Sindh Assembly, he said that ‘Junior Zardari’ is talking about a protest campaign. He said the party of ‘Junior Zardari’ in so incompetent that it had failed to catch even a single dog in Sindh and it seeks help of Rangers. He said in Sindh 135,000 people were bitten by dogs but they were not given vaccine.

He said a ‘private army’ was being made to launch a movement against government and Bilawal was assisting them. He said Jihad is legitimate but it cannot be used for political purpose. He said people of Pakistan were being evoked to revolt against government. He said if someone raises private lashkars it would be against the country. He said Bilawal was dropping axe on his own foot. He said Azadi March is in fact a Zardari march. It is using poor people to get released thieves.

Sheikh said we would not allow that our children were used for political matters. He said performance of Sindh police was dismal. He said our workers were killed but the killers were not arrested. He said police had not caught even a single rabid dog. He said they were trying to again create law and order in Karachi. He said funds were being misappropriated in the name of My Clean Karachi. He said all these methods are for more corruption. He said no result was obtained by releasing funds for districts.

He said after October 21 we will observe a week to expose Sindh government and show where garbage is still present. He asked against who the war of Maulana is. He asked why Maulana did not wage Jihad against Israel and against atrocities on Lal Mosque. He said image of the country was being harmed by social media videos of Lashkar of Maulana. He asked does Mualana wants to include the country against in Gray List. He said the conspiracy of the Maulana would be foiled.