LAHORE - Three more medical teams comprising doctors and paramedical staff are dispatched to the flood-hit areas for the treatment of affected people. On the occasion of the departure of a medical team, Principal PGMI, LGH Dr Tariq Salahuddin appreciated the doctors and paramedical staff for their uninterrupted provision of medical treatment to patients in the relief camps of the flood-hit areas during Eid holidays. He said the people associated with medical field felt proud to serve the humanity, adding General Hospital management was engaged in providing services to the flood affectees from the day first. Dr Tariq Salahuddin, the Hospitals doctors and employees had celebrated Eid with simplicity as the country wreaked by devastating floods. He said the relief funds collected from the salaries of the Hospital employees were submitted to the Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund while medical teams were heading towards the affected areas to save the masses from epidemics. He said the hospital management would continue providing services to the flood affectees until their rehabilitation.