FARRUKH SAEED & FARRUKH BASEER LAHORE - Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said that as Kalabagh Dam will be constructed in Punjab, it should come forward to take other provinces into confidence. Those should come forward whose govt Pervez Musharraf had toppled on October 12, 1999 and should get register a case against him, adding that those, who could arrest a 12-year-old son of Amir Koreja, why did not get register a case against former military dictator. He said democratic govt is stable today as it had never been in the past. Political orphans and 12 candidates of premiership are giving impression of threat to democratic set-up as 18th Amendment has closed doors for those looking to get rule through illegal means. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has showed political maturity by giving statement after two months in favour of Army Chief extension. He expressed these views while giving an exclusive interview to Nawa-i-Waqt at Governors House on Wednesday. He said PPP moved courts when Benazir Bhutto governments were toppled in 1990 and 1996 despite the fact court decisions came against PPP. But what is the secret why kings of Lahore are not eager to get registered a case vis-a-vis 1999 coup and are not filing a review petition and are waiting for a messiah that should capture the dictator and punish him. He said political future of Pervez Musharraf seems revolving around UK, Hong Kong and Thailand. Gen (r) Aslam Beg had set up a political party and had fielded candidates across the country, he said, adding that future of Pervez Musharraf seems not much different from Aslam Beg. He dispelled the impression that PPP had given guard of honour to Musharraf, maintaining that he (Musharraf) was an ex-army chief thats why he was given guard of honour. He said kings of Lahore had given him role of honour. He said PML-Q had become a parliamentary force after elections but kings of Lahore produced turncoats from it like Musharraf did with us by making PPP patriot. He suggested that those who change political affiliations should be banned at least for once for participating in elections.