LAHORE - Federal Minister for Law Babar Awan has urged the Supreme Court for early decision on the 18th Amendment case so that the parliament could continue its business smoothly. The litigation on the 18th Amendment has bearing on the parliament as such the government, the public and the lawyers want this case to be decided at the earliest so that the parliament can carry on its functions smoothly, the minister said while talking to media men outside the Supreme Court premises here Wednesday. Responding to questions, the minister said the government had resolved to strengthen the institutions and the granted aids to the bars as well as for the Access to Justice Programme to live up to this commitment. He said the government was committed to provide speedy and inexpensive justice at the doorsteps of the people, as they were the real stakeholders in the justice system. Later on the Law minister visited the House of former Secretary LHCBA and President PLF Shahid Mahmood Bhatti to offer fateha for the father of the latter who passed away 10 days ago. The minister also visited Jahangir Tomb along with Senior Provincial Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad, Aziz-ur-Rahman Chann and the PPP workers. Talking to journalists at the Tomb, Babar Awan said democracy was fast flourishing in Pakistan like other parts in regions, which was evident from the result of the referendum held in Turkey where the masses have rejected the constitutional amendments by the undemocratic forces. At present, he said, the world was not ready to tolerate undemocratic and unconstitutional moves by anyone as such the people in Pakistan also love sound of national anthem and the Constitution instead of sound of 'boots. To a question on the PML-N leaning to the Prime Minster and criticism of PPP government, he said it was good that PML-N thinks in consonance with the prime minister and his cabinet. However, he asked the PML-N to come out of the local body style of politics to the mainstream. He said Nawaz Sharif wanted supremacy of the parliament and for that he should himself contest election and come to the parliament to play his role. He offered Nawaz Sharif full support of the prime minister and his own and not pitting any PPP candidate against him if he would contest elections to reach to the parliament. He said constitutional system do not admit of double standards but single mindedness and assiduity to instill confidence in the public for a democratic system. To a question on the murder plot against Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Sharif, he said Interior Ministry and the Prime Minister have set up commission to look into the allegations. However he said the PPP fully respected the judiciary adding, it would not let those wishes come true who want to destabilise the country. At the Lahore Registry of Supreme Court, the minister was received by law officers and the lawyers affiliated with the PPP. He was briefed about the newly carried out construction of the Registry and formally received possession of the building on the behalf of his Ministry. He also inspected various parts of the newly restored building of the Apex Court. Media was not allowed to go inside.