PUNE (India) Bangladesh fast bowlers may soon master the art of bowling slow balls. Their new fast bowling coach Ian Ponts latest discovery is 'the worlds best slower ball known as the SLOB (slower obsolete delivery) which is hailed as a breakthrough as it drops like a stone into the batting crease when appearing to be a beamer. Speaking to this scribe before his departure for Dhaka, 50-year-old Ian Pont said, The SLOB was created to look exactly like a normal delivery in the hand but when bowled, behave like something completely different. There are many clever slower balls that rely on arm speed or a grip change that a batsman can spot. The SLOB however, cannot be spotted until too late and if bowled correctly, can be a devastating weapon, he added. I do believe there is much talent in the squad and hope I can help bring out that ability, he said. Commenting about the second longest throw of a cricket ball of all time (138 yards in Cape Town), he said: The world record was set back in 1881 by Robert Percival and has stood all this time. It is the oldest record in the Guinness Book. My throw was back in 1981, exactly 100 years after the record was set. I havent managed to get near it since despite trying again in 1986. It is a very long way, he further said. His much awaited second book Coaching Youth Cricket was published by Human Kinetics and came out in June 2010 and was forwarded by England head coach Andy Flower. His first book 'The Fast Bowlers Bible is a complete illustrated guide to bowling fast and straight. A new, vibrant coaching manual anyone can use, jam-packed with useful information. It uses the latest modern development techniques and biomechanics mysteries to have improved the game. After retiring from active cricket, Pont concentrated on business interests. He was an early pioneer in coloured clothing, supplying the kit for all teams in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. The company I helped start Hogger Sports bought the rights to supply the replica clothing for all 10 countries at the 1992 World Cup. We sold them to the fans and the following season supplied all the county clothing for the Axa League in England, he concluded.