LONDON (Agencies) - Plans for a monument to later Benazir Bhutto have provoked anger in Pakistan where thousands of people are demanding that its Rs 900m cost be used instead to help millions displaced by the countrys floods, according to The Daily Telegraph. Benazir, a former prime minister and member of one of Pakistans more powerful dynasties, was assassinated in a suicide attack in December 2007. Asif Ali Zardari, her husband, is now President, and the 10-acre park and library complex in her name received approval at the start of the month. The monument has been more than two years in the planning and had already attracted the ire of political opponents and campaigners before the floods. The government has estimated that the floods have caused damage of $43b. Kamran Shafi, a former press secretary to Benazir and columnist for a leading English daily, has led the call to scrap the project. It looks extremely bad when so many people are without medicine or homes, he said. The idea is silly. Zardari has been accused of politicising relief efforts after his ruling PPP suggesting building new towns for flood victims to be named Benazirabad. Plans for two monuments - one in Rawalpindi on the assassination site and one in Islamabad - have already survived a legal challenge, which argued that Benazir should not be considered a national hero. A thousand people a day are signing an online petition urging the monument money be spent on flood relief instead. It says: Our priority should be our people who are suffering, and we are almost sure that our former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, who loved this country and its people, would also agree. Farhatullah Babar, the Presidents spokesman, defended the project. Benazir Bhutto was the twice-elected prime minister of Pakistan and she did so much for democracy and human rights that it is only fitting a memorial is built in her honour, he said.