LAHORE - District Sessions Judge Lahore Wednesday gave the custody of two minors to their mother/petitioner, holding that it is only real mother who can properly raise such minors. The court accepting petition of Mst Kishwar Meraj of Lahore, gave the custody of minor namely Maliaka and Muskan to her. The petitioner contended through the petition that her husband beat and kicked her out the house along with the minors aged two and half years and one and a half years respectively. Later on, the respondent/husband Muhammad Aslam, along with the police came to her house and took away the kids by force. The petitioner maintained that the respondents were the influential persons, as such the police concerned were not taking action on her complaint for the recovery of the minors. The respondent husband appearing before the court contended that petitioner had left the minors to him by choice. The court ordered that both the minors are of tender age, and it is only real mother who can rear them up. The court temporarily issued the orders for handing over the minors to mother in 'hizanat of petitioner, leaving the question of the minors regular custody at the disposal of Guardian Court. In another petition filed by Mst Akhtari Bibi against her spouse Abdul Majeed, District Sessions Judge Lahore gave custody of a six-year old Azeem, to her mother. The petitioner contended that she visited the Family Court Lahore in connection with a case when the respondents including, Abdul Majeed, Nazir Ahmad and SHO Sherakot Police allegedly snatched her son Azeem from her after beating her publicly. She also alleged that her ex-husband gave her life threats as she wanted her son back from him. She prayed to the court for recovery and custody of her son.