Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has warned that any sort of delay in the rehabilitation efforts in the flood-affected areas of South Punjab could promote militancy as most extremists and terrorists elements belong to these areas. Addressing to a donors' conference here on Thursday in Punjab House, he said, " I assure all the donor institutes and countries of the world, who are donating funds for flood affected people of Pakistan that funds for the flood victims would be disbursed transparently". He added that the Punjab Government has been compensating the flood-affected families preliminary with Rs 20,000 that included Rs10,000 from Punjab Government and Rs10,000 from central Government. He also informed the participants of the donors' conference that the conference has been held with the objective to finalize a plan and strategy for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the flood affected areas as approximately six million people have been affected in Punjab from devastated floods and standing crops at the area of 5.23 million acres have been inundated and over 50,000 houses have demolished. Punjab Chief Minister also informed on the occasion more than 1778 villages in 11 districts of Punjab have been affected from flooded water and more than 3572 cattle died in floodwater whereas 817 poultry farms inundated in floodwater in Punjab and collectively Punjab has to suffer flood damages up to Rs81 billion. He also said that floodwater affected approximately 957 Km roads in south Punjab out of 3750Km Roads, while in 18 districts of Punjab floodwater damaged 2920 schools and 2064 schools in Punjab were being utilized as flood relief camps for the affected people. Rehabilitation of flood-affected people has been major challenge for the government and NGOs, civil society, armed forces were continuously working in the flooded areas to rescue the affected people, while world donor agencies were doing great work for relief efforts in the flooded areas, Chief Minister said. He also said that the government would provide free of cost seeds and fertilizers for the farmers in the flooded areas to rehabilitate the affected farmers adding that at this juncture of time if the government delayed relief efforts, it could create its dire consequences as areas of South Punjab had also centres of extremists and terrorists elements.