LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has condemned the genocide of the unarmed Kashmiris and slated the silence of Pakistan government, the UN and the Human Rights bodies over Indias state terrorism in the valley. In a press statement issued here on Wednesday, he urged the Pakistan Foreign Office to raise an effective voice against Indias brutalities on diplomatic level and also make it clear to New Delhi that no solution of the Kashmir issue other than under the UN resolutions would be accepted. Munawar Hasan said that India was using brute force to crush the Intefada of the Kashmiris. He said, it was a pity that while India was increasing its troops in the valley, Pakistan, the world community and the Muslim states were silent which emboldened New Delhi. Although there was curfew in the whole of Kashmir, the Kashmiris were staging rallies daily which were being fired upon by the Indian troops. Despite that, the Kashmiris spirit for liberation could not be crushed. He deplored that the rulers had left the Kashmiris at the mercy of the India although they were fighting Pakistans war. He said the Indian Prime Ministers fresh move for dialogue to resolve the Kashmir issue was only to sabotage the Kashmiris freedom movement once again. India had been staging dialogue drama for the last 62 years only to put the issue in cold storage, he added.