KARACHI - Positive numbers on opening failed to sustain as the profit hunters came in looking contended even on cents as profits. The economic and financial grievances clearly overpowered the excitement linked to MTS approval, mainly due to its snail pace. The KSE 100-index closed at 10,046.57 points with a loss of 44.68 points. The KSE 30-index closed at 9861.05 with a loss of 52.55 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 15607.43 with a loss of 88.51 points. All shares index closed at 7013.66 with a loss of 30.80 points. Trading activity was minimal as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 99.943 million as compared to last trading sessions 100.555 million. Future market volume however stood at 2.418m shares as compared to 2.621m shares of last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs. 2.797trillion. 155 companies advanced, 187 declined and 23 remained unchanged. Highest volumes were witnessed in Nishat Power at 240176 million, closed at Rs10.53 with a gain of Re0.53, followed by Arif Habib Sec at 5.88 million, closed at Rs25.51 with a gain of Re0.41, and National Bank at 5.532 million, closed at Rs66.99 with a gain of Re0.29. The analysts said with economic and financial horizon carrying thick layer of pollution, the number of participants continued to stay numbered. Thereby, disallowing even the well-informed rally initiators despite having privileged information, to sustain the bull-run for an extended period. They added that hand shift in low priced stocks along with offshore buying in various main board stocks the turnover kept ticking. Trading opportunities however stayed on lower side. They said ability of the index to sustain 10,000-point psychological barrier however kept the retail participants and sellers from early highs, active for intra-day trades along with corporate participants, against their sell in previous sessions, for partial recovery. They further informed that strategy useful in reducing holding cost did restrict the decline, while some optimists held on to the holdings on hopes of positive outcome of meeting amongst SECP officials regarding approval of the much-awaited product. They further said although international efforts are underway to provide greater market access to the flood-hit economy, the ballooned up backlog of financial and economic miseries from pre-flood era continued to disallow the investors from reacting by accumulating the stocks likely to benefit from reconstruction work and high exports in case of preference from Europe and US on providing duty relief for providing greater market access, in order to minimize the impact of flooding on our already suffering economy.