LAHORE - Lahore Arts Council (LAC) will organise an Eid Millan Mehfil-e-Mushaira (poetry contest) at Al-Hamra Hall on Saturday (18th September) to mark the Eid celebrations, says Deputy Director Programme LAC Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi. Talking to this scribe on Wednesday he said that it was a regular practice of LAC to organise such events on special occasions. "The nation is in trouble and the entire society including artists and art lovers are taking part in relief activities for their flood affected brothers as the disastrous monster has ruined almost one third part of the county," he said and added that such functions were necessary to encourage and solacing volunteers as well as the affected people. Zulfi said that a large number of Nazm and Ghazal poets including Zafar Iqbal, Shehzad Ahmad, Khalid Ahmad, Najeeb Ahmad, Shafeeq Saleemi, Baqi Ahmadpuri, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Abbas Tabhish, Rehman Faris, Dr Sughra Sadaf, Hakeem Saleem Akhtar, Fatima Ghazal, Hasan Abbasi, Zaeemur Rasheed, Sofia Bedar, Abrar Nadeem, Hira Rana, Rakhshanda Naveed, Bushra Ijaz, Gul-e-Naukhaiz Akhtar, Abdul Rahman Abid, Shahid Dilawar Shah will present their verses on the occasion. In this regard, Anjuman Taraqi Pasand Musanefeen (Progressive writers), which has very rich legacy to organizing such events, held a Mushaira at Chowpal Nasir Bagh on Wednesday. The contest was presided over by Nazeer Qaisar while Abid Hussain Abid, Shehzad Niyyar, Shahid Masood, Hussain Majrooh and others presented their poetry. On the occasion most of the poets adopted the subjects regarding worries and wows of the people who had lost their beloved ones and belongings in result of catastrophic floods prevailing in the country. Halqa Arbab-e-Zauq Lahore Chapter, another renowned literary organization, held Eid Millan Mushaira on Sunday last, in which Baqi Ahmad Puri presided over the ceremony. The poets including Dr. Abrar Ahmad, Akram Sahir Farani, Masood Amir, Shahida Dilawar Shah, Qaim Naqvi, Hammad Niazi and others delivered their verses to the audiences. Talking to The Nation, joint secretary of Halqa and organizer of this contest Hammad Niazi said that the poetry is not only entertainment but also reflection of social circumstances and culture of any society. He said the impression of dying poetry was based on false misinterpretation by the fake writers. "We are enjoying a good number of art lovers in our sittings," he added. Renowned poet, Nawai Waqt columnist and president of 'Biaz' a literary organization Khalid Ahmad said they were also planning to hold Eid Millan Mushaira to mark the occasion. He said they have not finalized the date but hopefully in next week they will arrange the event.