LAHORE - Senior central leader of PML-Q, Ch Moonis Elahi while expressing serious concerns over the news of bouncing of cheques given by Shahbaz Sharifs government to the family of the two brothers tragically lynched in Sialkot, has termed it a blatant fraud of the provincial administration. He expressed these views during a meeting with party members at his residence on Wednesday. Ch Moonis claimed that there were countless such incidents where terror victims and their families were given bogus cheques in the two and a half year rule of PML-N in Punjab. Terming the dishonouring of provincial governments cheques given to victims of various tragedies as a blatant fraud with innocent public, he said that it exposed the true face of the people in power. He held PML-N led government in the province fully responsible for the current deplorable economic condition of Punjab and alleged that other than the cheques to terror victims the cheques amounting in billions of rupees given to Punjab Government contractors were also repeatedly being dishonoured. He blamed the incumbent Punjab Government for destroying the provincial economy and for selling government assets at throw away prices instead of taking steps for the provinces economic revival. Ch Moonis also expressed serious concern over the fate of cheques being issued by provincial government in the flood affected areas and warned the Punjab Administration of serious public wrath if these cheques met the same fate.