LAHORE Editor-in-Chief TheNation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami reiterated his stance saying Kashmir and Junagadh States could only be attained from Hindus by use of power. He said although Pakistan is an atomic power but there is no ruler to warn India against any kind of aggression. He said this while presiding over a special sitting titled 'Forcible occupation of Junagadh and other Muslim States by India and their legal status held here at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Wednesday. NPT and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust jointly organised the sitting on the occasion of Accession Day of Junagadh State (Youm-e-Elhaq Pakistan). Vice-Chairman NPT Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad, Member State Council of Junagadh Sultan Ahmad Ali, Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Dr Ajamal Nizai and Prof Ghulam Sarwar Rana attended the sitting. Majid Nizami said, Whole the year we mourn the Kashmir issue but today we are also remembering Junagadh. He said according to Indian Independence Act, the States were allowed to accede either to India or Pakistan while in this regard Junagadh, Manawadar and Hyderabad had announced accession to Pakistan. He said, unfortunately, we could not attain any one of them and meanwhile India forcibly occupied Kashmir as well. He said without use of power we could not gain Kashmir and Junagadh. He said we have better arms than that of Indias but our rulers need wisdom and courage to warn India over any kind of aggression. He said without clear warning, the issues would not be solve. Majid Nizami appreciated the services of the Memon of Junagadh living at Karachi for the country. Dr Rafique Ahmad said that the study of Hindus history was essential to understand the Indias conspiracies. He told about the recently held meeting of Hindus at London in which they pledged to destroy Muslims and Islam. He stressed the need to explore the resources of nature those Allah Almighty bestowed on Pakistan saying a developed and prosperous Pakistan was necessary to face the enemies of Islam and Muslims. Sulatan Ahmad Ali thanked the NPT for arranging the programme on Junagadh and said the issue of Junagadh was not of lesser importance than Kashmir issue and without its solution Pakistan would not be complete. He said the state of Junagadh has many expectations from Majid Nizami and NPT and this was the right of the people of the state that Junagadh issue should be discussed and raised likewise of Kashmir. He also demanded of the government to fix quota for jobs in various departments for the people of the state. Other Speakers also narrated the history and struggle of Nawabs and people of the state to be the part of Pakistan. They were of the view that Pakistan would not be complete without getting Kashmir, Junagadh and other Muslim States those announced accession with Pakistan. They appreciated Nazria Pakistan Trust and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust activities regarding such issues. They added that both Trusts create awareness among masses and especially among youth about Pakistan.