LAHORE - Normalcy returns to the government and private institutions with the arrival of employees from outstations after long Eid holidays, making routine attendance at workplace on Wednesday. Majority of employees, both the government and private, spent long holidays in their respective hometowns to celebrate Eidul Fitr with their near and dear ones, causing thin attendance at workplace on Tuesday, the first working day after four holidays. Government offices, including Civil Secretariat, Jinnah Hall and Commissioner and DCO offices presented a deserted look on Tuesday, as good number of public servants took additional leave to spend more time with their relatives at respective hometowns. Thin attendance and little or no work one day before or after Eid holidays is a routine at government and private offices as employees always prefer to take one or two day extra leave to prolong their stay at hometowns. Majority of the public servants, who travelled to their hometowns with families, returned in the City on Tuesday evening to ensure their presence at workplace on Wednesday. Those having the luxury of travelling without families, started their journey from hometowns on Wednesday morning and came directly to their offices. Yes it is a routine witnessed by the offices twice in a year on the eve of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha. But absence of public servants make hardly any difference as visiting people are also far less in number even a couple of days after Eid holidays. I attended my office on Tuesday but there was hardly any visitor or office work, said an official at the DCO office, adding, even Wednesday was a lean day as far as visitor or office work is concerned.