ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court on Wednesday summoned President of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) on September 17 (tomorrow) for not implementing the courts orders for payment of Provident Fund to the banks retired employees. A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Tariq Parvez and Justice Ghulam Rabbani was hearing a contempt of court petition filed by some retired employees of the NBP. Ch Muhammad Qasim, a petitioner, informed the court that on March 5, 2003, the court had ordered the bank to pay the Provident Fund to the retired employees, but the order had not yet been implement by the bank management. In March 2003, the Supreme Court decided the Provident Fund case in favour of the retired employees, but the banks management filed a review petition, which was dismissed on Oct 2, 2003. On May 4, 2009, the court again ordered the bank management to pay the Provident Fund to the retired employees, but it had not been paid yet. Qasim said despite the court orders, the bank management was reluctant to give them the said Provident Fund and was thus committing contempt of court. He said that there were 17,221 retired employees of the bank, out of which 11,800 filed the claim. He said the bank had to pay Rs7 billion to its retired employees in the head of Provident Fund. During hearing, the chief justice said the bank officials had got approved Rs60 million funds and their own bonuses but now they were not paying provident funds to the poor employees. Wasim Sajjad, counsel for the NBP, apprised the court that the bank management was ready to pay Provident Fund to the employees. He, however, said the Provident Fund scheme under which the money had been invested was abolished in 1977 and replaced by a new scheme in which the bank made matching contributions. He said the amount to be disbursed would be Rs1.1 billion. The Chief Justice noted that the NBP management kept defying the court orders for years, thus now the court would ensure implementation of its orders. He said despite lapse of seven years the court orders were being flouted. He said the bank officials had made mockery of the court orders, which could not be tolerated.