ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken a suo moto notice of the reported appointment of Adnan A. Khawaja as Chairman OGDCL by the government. The suo moto notice was taken on a media report that Adnan Khawaja, who was recently released on bail by the apex court in a corruption case, had been given the assignment of OGDCL by the government. After publishing of this news report, the record of the case was looked into in the Supreme Court, where in the facts are that Khawaja was the co-accused in a corruption case filed by NAB under Section 10 of the NAB Ordinance. He was convicted in that case with two-year rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs two lakh. He was also disqualified for a period of ten years from seeking or being elected, chosen, appointed or nominated as member of any public office, any statuary or local authority of government of Pakistan or granted any financial facilities in the form of any loan by any government bank. Subsequently, the Islamabad High Court set aside the judgement of the Accountability Court after giving the benefit of NRO to Adnan Khawaja on December 4, 2008. In view of the apex courts verdict declaring the NRO null and void, all such cases stand revived. The Chief Justice directed that since this court has already registered a suo moto case to ensure implementation of the order of this court in the NRO case (Dr Muhashir Hassan Vs. Federation of Pakistan) decided on December 16, 2009, therefore, this case b fixed along with the said case in the court on September 17. The court also served notice on NAB and Khawaja to appear and explain his position as to whether presently his appeal has been decided or not by the High Court.