ROME (AFP) - Three UN agencies said Wednesday they were joining forces to address Pakistans food security emergency following floods that ravaged 10 per cent of the countrys crops, a statement said Wednesday. The agencies are working swiftly to mobilise resources, logistics and capacity on the ground to address immediate and longer-term food needs, they said. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme (WFP) are all based in Rome. Pakistans worst-ever floods have left 10 million people without shelter nationwide and vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition. Some 21 million people have been affected by the floods, which began more than six weeks ago, leaving more than eight million reliant on aid handouts for survival. The WFP delivered food rations to three million flood victims in August and hopes to reach twice as many in September, notably in Punjab and Sindh provinces. With 80pc of the flood-affected population dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods, loss of stored seeds, grains and animals has rendered farming families extremely vulnerable, Wednesdays statement said. The FAO is distributing seed, fertiliser, animal feed and veterinary supplies, and could double the number of families reached with increased donations, it added.