LAHORE - While the ruling PPP insists that it will complete its constitutional term of five years, important opposition parties claim that a change is around the corner and the country is heading towards either a military intervention, a judiciary-backed change or fresh polls. However, they think that having failed to deliver on its promises, the ruling party should better seek a fresh mandate from the electorate. The PML-N is carefully monitoring the situation and will prefer mid-term polls to any military intervention. But, it wants the present setup to continue so that the people could see for themselves the performance of the PPP leadership. A senior PML-Q leader Ishaq Khakwani said the present rulers would be dislodged as a result of military intervention or some judiciary-led process after which large scale reforms would be carried out. He proposed that all loan defaulters, whose lists were available with the State Bank of Pakistan and NRO beneficiaries should be disqualified for the next elections. Anybody who was ineligible to contest the 2008 polls should not be permitted to take part in the next elections, whenever they are held, he said while talking to The Nation on Wednesday. He said his partys assessment was that things were not going well for both the federal and the provincial governments. Both, he alleged, had not performed well and were on their way out because they had disappointed the voters. This time they are looking for a new method whereby this government is to be dismissed, said the leader from Vehari. Khakwani said the Presidency was not clearing its position on the spate of allegations being levelled by various people, and the Supreme Court orders were being blatantly violated. The fact that the PPP had been elected to power did not mean that they could do anything they liked, he said. Jamaat-i-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said a number of rumours were circulating at present, and the situation was not good for the country. Any extra-constitutional step would be against the integrity of the country, he warned. He said since the government had failed to honours its commitments, it should better seek a fresh mandate. The Jamaat had boycotted the 2008 polls, held during the Musharraf rule. Baloch said all political parties should sit together and find a solution to the situation. A central leader of the JUI (F), who did not like to be named, said his party did not see any change on the political scene. He said the PPP government did not have the powers it was entitled to under the Constitution and whenever it tried to regain its authority, some quarters launched a campaign of rumours against it. He said policies should be changed, not the government. In his opinion the situation would start getting better only if the political parties were allowed to stay in power for at least 25 years.