GILGIT  - Curfew remained imposed in Gilgit City on 14th consecutive day on Monday, with the area facing shortage of edible items, media reported.

The curfew was relaxed from 7am to 3pm by local administration, allowing the locals to buy food and things for daily use.

The authorities have banned wearing jackets, shawls and coats for men while gathering of more than two people has also been prohibited in the City during the relaxation.

The curfew was imposed following attack on a religious rally which killed five people and subsequent murder of seven Hazara community people.

Parts of Gilgit have experienced food shortages following the suspension of traffic on Karakoram Highway in the wake of recent killings.

‘The break in curfew will be expanded gradually before it is finally lifted’, said Usman Ahmed, a senior government official. However, he did not give a timeframe for when the curfew will be lifted and cellular service restored.

Earlier this month, the mountainous city of Gilgit plunged into the worst sectarian crisis after a rally of Sunnis was attacked with a hand grenade, killing six and injuring 50 others.

In retaliation, 10 Shia passengers were killed in Chilas where an enraged mob set alight four buses, resulting in the imposition of a curfew and suspension of cellular phone service.