UPPER DIR - People in different areas of Upper Dir voluntarily handed over heavy weapons to security forces to help the government purge the area of weapons.

The weapons included anti-aircraft and heavy machine guns and rocket propel grenades. The security forces showed the weapons and thousands of ammunitions to media in Bibyawar town of Upper Dir and appreciated people for cooperating with them. Giving a briefing on the occasion, Major Muheeb said the security forces held jirgas in different areas of the district and asked elders to voluntarily hand over heavy weapons and allowed them to keep light weapons for their protection.

He said residents in Sheringal, Doog Darra and different villages in Kohistan responded to the call and handed over heavy weapons that included anti-aircraft guns, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, kalashnikovs and 3896 ammunitions of for all the weapons.

Some of the weapons were Russian and Indian made. Maj Muheeb said they knew people had heavy weapons and they concerned the weapons might fall into the hands of militants. He said the purpose of the drive was to clear the area of weapons and in this regard he appreciated the cooperation shown by people