LAHORE – Former Federal Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani is likely to join PML-N after holding a meeting with the top leadership of the party soon.

Sources claim that through direct and indirect contacts between the two sides, the way has been paved for Durrani’s joining the PML-N.

Durrani and PML-N hold the same stand on the creation of another province in the Southern Punjab. Both repel creation of a language based province in the Southern Punjab, which the PPP government has announced to do as Sariaki province. Both favour restoration of the State of Bahawalpur in the Southern Punjab.

During a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Monday when a questioner asked about his political future, Durrani replied that he would soon make announcement in this regard.

While the sources confide that he has decided to join the PML-N for which a meeting with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif will be held in the next couple of days.

Durrani has served Information Minister in the PML-Q cabinet during Musharraf era. He separated himself from the PML-Q after developing differences with the leadership.