WASHINGTON - Over the weekend, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw diplomatic norms aside during her trip to the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, and went partying at a local club early Sunday morning, according to American media reports.

American tabloids Press prominently displayed photographs showing Clinton dancing and throwing back a bottle of beer.

According to the mass-circulation New York Post, Clinton arrived at Cartagena's Cafe Havana with a dozen female aides just after midnight.

‘Clinton quickly proved she's just a regular girl when it comes to drinking’, the Post reported.

According to a local paper cited by TMZ, Clinton and her party ‘ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water’.

‘Front page picture of 'Swillary' Clinton is brutally unfair’, Ari Fleischer, former White House Press secretary under George W. Bush and current CNN analyst, wrote on Twitter.

‘She drank a beer at a summit meeting event. So what?’.

London's Telegraph latched onto the photos, too. ‘Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?’ the paper's Niles Gardner asked in a blog post.