ISLAMABAD  - Illegal fruit and vegetable market at Khanna Pul is causing traffic mess.

Some Afghan nationals are running the market and they are seen selling groceries everywhere posing huge security risks.

The owners of hand driven carts have extended their business and occupied half of the road passing through this market due to which traffic jams have become daily routine. A few days earlier, an ambulance could not find way due to traffic mess and the patient lying therein passed away.

The schools vans and buses cannot pass through the market and they have to stay there for hours on the road due to encroachments and illegally extended business, and this way the students have to suffer heavily.

The contractor is charging heavily to the owners of hand driven carts while the CDA is receiving nothing in return. If this market is run by the CDA itself, it can become a source of income. The residents of the area have demanded of the CDA to take control of this market and make arrangement for clearance of the traffic mess.