RAWALPINDI - Lack of a sewerage system has turned Officers Colony into pond of stinking water. The residents complained neither sewerage system has been built nor the streets have been bricked therefore, every street has turned into breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“You cannot stand for a minute in any street as the stench coming out of the heaps of garbage and filthy, still water cannot allow you to do so,” said Muhammad Aslam, a resident. We cannot go to mosque due to the filthy water gathering in every street, said a group of the residents. We don’t allow our children to move out of our homes in the evening as many incidents of children falling into the ponds of filthy water have occurred, said a group of housewives.  We have been repeatedly sending applications to the concerned MPA and the authorities to redress our complaint but no one is paying heed to our demand, said a group of the shopkeepers.

Residents demanded immediate construction of a sewerage system otherwise they will be forced to hold protest demonstrations.