ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has warned to stop supply of furnace oil to power sector of country owing to heavy non-payments to Pakistan State Oil that is facing serious financial constraints, sources informed on Monday. Sources privy to the development disclosed that as financial health of PSO is witnessing alarming financial situation so owing to this worsening decrease, petroleum ministry in a letter sent to the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Water and Power has ostensibly asked to rescue the power sector of the country as growing non-payments of sector might cause darkness and further long hours loadshedding despite tall claims in this regards. Only hefty immediate payments by the Finance Ministry can resolve this matter of serious nature/situation, they said.They further told that PSO has to pay a worthy amount of Rs93 billion to international oil suppliers. Currently, a threat of disturbance to the supply chain of petroleum oil and lubricant products to the country and letter of credit default is seriously being faced by the concerned corners. They said that as power sector is so far found unable to pay Rs80 crores on daily basis to PSO, resultantly heavy amount is lying outstanding till this effect. Further, a daily payments of Rs20 crores is just a peanut in front of escalating non-payments of the power sector and again this little amount is not enough to run the business as a sustainable solution of matter.Sources in PSO have further informed that Finance Ministry should immediately pay Rs40 billion in a bid to save the supply of POL products from international oil suppliers and from letter of credit default. Sources were of the view that if Finance Ministry does not release Rs40 billion immediately then PSO will have to forcibly stop the supply of furnace oil to the power sector of the country. Furthermore, it is relevant to note that PSO has to collect some Rs197 billion while it has to pay a hefty amount of Rs177 billion to oil refineries and international oil suppliers. PSO has to get Rs54 billion and 82 crores from Wapda, Hubco Rs 94 billion and 88 crores, KEPCO Rs20 billion and 28 crores, PIA Rs3 billion and 58 crores, OGDCL Rs 31 crores, KESC Rs 14 billion, NLC Rs 51 crores while it has to collect heavy amount also from Pakistan Railways Rs 1 billion and 19 crores. However, PSO has to pay Rs 28 billion and 62 crores of PARCO, Rs28 billion and 62 crores, PRL Rs 14 billion and 91 crores, NRL Rs9 billion and 13 crores, ARL Rs27billion and 37 crores while Rs2 billion and 63 crores of Basicore.