A CHINESE engineering student Zhu Zhenlin has created his very own home-made solar powered car, complete with Snoopy seat coverings.

The 19-year-old spent barely anything on the strange looking car, as he garnered materials for the contraption from a local scrapyard.

Mr Zhenlin, from east China’s Zhejiang province, explained: ‘I had to work out how to keep the weight down low so I took off anything that wasn’t really necessary like some of the panels at the side - it weighs just 400 kilos. ‘I didn’t feel I needed the regular panels anyway because I’ve replaced them with a total of 22 solar panels.’ While the vehicle might look a bit eccentric, Zhu is probably going to have the last laugh, with its short 3.2-metre length meaning that parking spaces are not hard to come by. He added that while he had to keep it down to bare necessities, it can still rival other vehicles, insisting ‘it still has everything a regular car has’.                 –MT