LAHORE – Punjab Industrial Estate (PIE) Chairman SM Tanveer has said that the Industrial Estate in Bhalwal will increase about eight to 10 billion rupees annually in the overall gross national product (GNP) and create over 50 thousand jobs directly and 2.5 million indirectly with the completion of this project.He was addressing opening ceremony of the Bhalwal Industrial Estate in Bhalwal, a tehsil of district Sargodha. SM Tanveer informed the gathering that the Punjab Industrial Estate, through its own resources, has started work on two modern industrial estates in Southern Punjab and one in Central Punjab. In Southern Punjab, one industrial estate is being developed in Rahimyar Khan and the other in Multan as Phase-II, while Central Punjab will have the state-of-the-art (industrial) estate in Bhalwal.The PIE chairman told the participants that 350 industrial plots will be established as the Bhalwal Industrial Estate will consist of 500 acres of land. After its creation the Punjab Industrial Estate has established only one industrial estate, while work on three industrial estates has been started, he said.He also said that Pakistan would earn more foreign exchange after completion of the Bhalwal Industrial Estate, he said.