KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti has expressed serious apprehensions over the spread of vulgarity in commercials, news bulletins and soap operas by Pakistani private televisions. “Both the print and electronic media have been deliberately damaging the Pakistani culture and traditions,” asserted Mehanti in a statement issued on Monday. The JI leader alleged that certain influential persons in the media were promoting Western and Hindu culture to brainwash the youth. “The vulgar dialogues and obscene presentation of characters in commercials are meant to ruin the Pakistani society.” Mehanti said that cultural and traditional values were integrated parts of any specific nation in the world. “Unfortunately, the spread of nudity and obscene TV commercials, plays and outdoor advertisements have, at the behest of the enemies of Pakistan and Islam, wreaked havoc. The perpetrators have done much damage to the cultural and traditional identity of Pakistan.” He stressed upon the entire nation to raise voice against those responsible for this conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam. “The people should boycott all such TV channels that promote nudity and vulgarism because they were promoting a foreign agenda.” Mehanti demanded of the PEMRA to play its role against such TV channels and cable operators for violating the rules and regulations. He said the JI would soon launch an awareness campaign in this respect.JI starts public contact campaign in Sindh: The Jamaat-e-Islami has started a public contact campaign in Sindh to provide an honest leadership to the nation, its Sindh chief Asadullah Bhutto said on Monday. Bhutto said the campaign would continue until the end of the present corrupt regime. He said the people had voted the present rulers for relief from poverty, unrest, unemployment, and anti-Islamic policies of the Musharraf government. “But unfortunately, the present rulers have set new records of unemployment, price-hike and American slavery in their first four years.”The JI leader demanded the government to immediately separate the country from the US-led war on terror. He said that people were forced to commit suicide due to poverty and joblessness but the government was spending the national wealth on the war on terror. He said the people of Sindh were disappointed with the PPP-led Sindh government and wanted a change.