LAHORE- Acting Governor Rana Muhammda Iqbal Khan has said that some countries were striving hard to destabilize the country as they were against Pakistan possession nuclear weapons.  He said while addressing the 80-member team of officers from Staff College Quetta led by Col Sarfraz Ahmad at the Governor House on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion the Acting Governor said that the nation stood shoulder to shoulder with the army in the course of war adding that the sacrifices made them were commendable. He said that the country was peaceful atomic power yet some countries were hatching conspiracies to weaken it economically. However, he said that the brave soldiers would protect the country from any ill.

Responding to a question on the creation of new provinces, the Acting Governor said that the idea was governed by legal and constitutional procedure wherein the role of Provincial Assembly was enacted after the National Assembly and the Senate had endorsed it. To seek consent in the Provincial Assembly two-thirds of majority was necessary, he added.

Rana Iqbal disapproved formation of new provinces on the basis of language and said that there was no harm if the provinces were created for the purposes of administration. To a question on Balochistan, he said that it was a serious problem which demanded sincere efforts to reach consensus. While talking about relations with India, he said both India and Pakistan were nuclear powers and they needed to settle down their issues through dialogue only. He said that war was no solution and breed only poverty, economic crisis and unemployment. The Acting Governor stressed strong federation and said that it could overcome major problems of the country. He called for all political parties to join hands for betterment of the country and said that in unity laid solution to every problem.