RAWALPINDI - The rescue teams continues efforts round the clock at Gayari to reach the officers and jawans buried under mounds of snow even against heavy odd, ISPR said on Monday.

The weather remained very harsh, posing serious challenges to the men and machines working at the avalanche site alike, according to ISPR.

However, the spirit and zeal of courageous soldiers has not wavered under arduous conditions. In fact, the urge to help their fellows stuck under avalanche has given them newfound resilience. The skies have been continuously showering flakes of snow.

The ISPR said rescue work is being carried out at full speed with sufficient number of plant equipment. The exasperating work at the tunnel being dug in the compact snow of avalanche, needed to access a suspected structure to find survivors, has made good progress by using  controlled  use of explosives.

A team of German and Swiss rescuers is also rendering useful help in conforming already available data to locate the survivors.

The excavation work continued at three other sites to search survivors. Similarly, some engineers’ effort was also dedicated to widen outflow of water channel, which had been blocked by the avalanche.