ISLAMABAD – Ex-Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Chairman PML-Q (likeminded) Steering Committee, Salim Saifullah Khan, while condemning the Bannu jail attack in strongest possible words, has said that one cannot find example of negligence in the history of security officials as seen in this case.

He said that provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had left the people and government institutions at the blessing of terrorists and had completely failed to provide security to them. He said that Bannu jail incident had shattered Pakistani image at the international level. He highlighted that Bannu was historical city of KPK and Bannu Central Jail was not so far away from Bannu city and such security negligence was beyond understanding.

He said how the terrorists entered the jail and took away hundreds of prisoners so easily with them and security officials did not resist. He showed extreme concern saying if security situation of high profile terrorists was so fragile what would be the situation of common institutions. He warned that terrorists would not find it difficult to attack governor house, chief minister secretariat, commissioner office and other offices with such security situation. He urged to call inquiry of the said incident and action against involved. He also said that our party would raise the issue on the floor of the parliament to carry out remedial measures for security of sensitive places.