KARACHI – Sindh Health Minister Dr Saghir Ahmed has said that the child, with six legs, who got birth in Sukkur on Friday, has been shifted to the National Institute of Child Health, Karachi, for the required treatment.

The minister has ordered the hospital not to show any leniency towards the child’s treatment, while the doctors are waiting for right time for the surgery of the child.

Father of the child, Imran Sheikh earlier said that he was poor and cannot afford more expenses over the child’s treatment. He appealed to the government for help regarding child’s treatment.

NICH Director Dr Jamal Raza said that the para normal child having 6 legs was not a single baby instead there were two children in one body and one of them was pre mature. He said that it was a genetic disease and only one out of 0.1 million children become the victim of this disease.

Dr Raza said that a team consisting of surgeons will examine the child comprehensively and then decide about the operation and doctors from abroad would be called upon if required.