A leading TV anchorperson recently visited Baluchistan to meet the Baloch militants. Hearing of his arrival, many families of the Baloch civilians, teachers, students, labourers and others, who had been targeted by the Baloch militants went to the Khuzdar Karachi Highway and blocked it. As the anchor person arrived, he asked why the road had been blocked, the families told him that they wanted to speak to him to tell him about the problems that they were facing. They were the victims of the Baloch militants and extremists. Hearing this, the anchor person refused to talk to them or hear their problems, he claimed that he was there to talk to the militants. Wouldn’t a prudent anchor person also listen to the woes of the victims before talking to the criminals?

Instead he returns back to his plush office and called the protestors spies and people from the agencies. No one listens to the poor and helpless people, whose family members have been missing, even famous anchors angle the truth to gain more acceptance rather than bring truth to the masses. This attitude can cause harm to the country. I would like to know, is there anyone interested in the true picture of Baluchistan, or will our ‘FREE’ media keep distorting the truth?

We can claim that the lists of the missing people may be false and the family members, who are protesting are hired for this purpose, but has anyone tried to unveil this mystery. The world has advanced in technology, drones being the best example, while we are expected to believe that we cannot find out if people are really missing or not? Mostly the families of the original ‘missing people’ don’t know the status of their loved ones. What is most amazing is the attitude of the TV anchor who refused to address such a burning issue and only wanted to present the view of the Baloch militants, was this done for a price or for immunity?


Quetta, February 23.