The Federal Minister for Water and Power has sermonized that Pakistan has a hydel potential of 55,000 MW power generation. Does the Minister realize that we generate about 6500 MW of hydel power so far? Who is responsible for hardly 10 per cent utilization of the hydel power potential? This is the third tenure of PML-N, and as such, this party bears the prime responsibility of non construction of hydro electric dams in the country, while India has built scores of dams on our Western rivers. The Govt. is just sleep walking and sometimes utters words of tremendous potential of our rivers not only for power generation but also for water storage that awaits full exploitation. But where is the will to build KBD since the past four decades which has been declared as a victim of politics.

It is clear that our die hard politicians, that worship a new found God of sterile democracy, that does not deliver. The only two mega dams were built by F.M Ayub Khan upon which the nation is surviving till to-day. Where is the sagacity of high sounding planners and economists who cannot calculate a simple formula and are leading the nation into a blind alley of coal fired generation of energy, which is declared as the dirtiest fuel of the world?


Lahore, April 15.