The appalling conditions of all district judiciary courts in the country, particularly, in the federal capital, Islamabad come as utterly repugnant. Many students who have opted for the judicial and legal profession, are put off by the cramped and unhygienic conditions of the courts. I have seen the Judges writing every word they hear in court. This writing in long hand, puts time constraints on the cases. This practice does not only make our district Judiciary outdated, it makes it very unattractive for the younger dynamic lawyers, who would ordinarily aspire to the bench. Sadly, despite landmark achievements in the Information Technology, our district judiciary is far behind as compared to district judiciaries in other South Asian countries. Judicial Magistrates and Civil Judges still take the record of court proceedings in long hand! The entire judicial system still relies on steno-typists and stenographs.

Our judiciary must update itself and come up to the standards practiced in the world. Change is an important part of life and growth and all the sections of our country must update and upgrade themselves. Lawyers are one of the highest paid section of our country and millions are taken in as bail money or charges from criminals, so lack of funds can be no excuse for the conditions our courts are in. the data should be all computerized and linked with NADRA and other law enforcing agencies to give quick justice to the people of the country.


Islamabad, April 15.