NANKANA SAHIB - The PTI is not struggling for power but to save the country from corruption, loadshedding, destruction of national institution and dynastic politics for the betterment of common man, said Nankana leaders of the party.

“The PTI will not only bring prosperity but also end Thana and Patwari culture in the country and provide easy and cheap justice to everyone, uniform education and good governess. The people of Pakistan must come forward to save our beloved country which was obtained after great scarifies. Present corrupt rulers of the PPP, MQM, ANP, PML-Q and PML-N don’t have any agenda for the public except making money by corruption,” said PTI leaders including Fateh Sher Joya, Rana Muahmmad Aslam, Engr Sheikh Shahid, Rai Akran Bhatti and Sheikh Naseer Ahmed.

They were addressing during a function held to celebrate 66th Independence Day and organised by Insaf Students Federation. A large number of PTI  leaders, workers and office-bearers including president Ameer Joya,  secretary general Rai Faisal Kharal, Asim and Rana Zeeshan were also present.

Ameer Joya said during his address that young generation and students must realise their power to fight against prevailing corruption, unemployment, different education systems, status quo and to empower the common man.

The youth of the Pakistan must realise their responsibility to make the country Islamic and welfare state providing justice, health, education, employment and respect for every one without discrimination.