KARACHI - The member companies of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (PPMA) are extremely distressed over the state of affairs prevailing in the Drugs Regulatory Agency of Pakistan (DRAP).

The seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that the DRAP has been ineffective right from the date it came into existence through Ordinance No 1 dated February, 2012. Not only the major works, but also the routine ones are not being carried out. Even the minutes of the last meeting of the Drugs Registration Board, held on June 15, 2012, have not been issued. There are over 14,000 pending registration applications.

PPMA members have invested tens of millions of rupees not only as registration fee but also on setting-up of new manufacturing sections. With uncertainties prevailing with regard to the fate of DRAP Bill sent to the Parliament, the pharma industry is in dire straits and in a state of crisis. So far major decisions and policies are pending for long, e.g. pricing policy, contract manufacturing policy, vitamin policy, etc. The last meeting of the drugs pricing policy was adjourned without taking up the meeting agenda.

Before the pharma industry start closing down, members appealed to the prime minister to intervene urgently in the matter to restore the confidence of the pharma manufacturers.