Pakistan and the United States are likely to revive strategic dialogue process next month.

Highly placed sources in the US Capital, Washington, DC, said that efforts were underway to make sure that the strategic dialogue between both countries will be revived on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. It may be noted that the 67th UNGA session will kick-off in New York in mid-September this year.

Pakistan's President Zardari is likely to attend UNGA this time and US wanted to convey a message that it is serious in rebuilding relations with Pakistan, sources maintained. "Therefore, the agenda for the revival of strategic dialogue is being worked out in both countries currently," sources added.

"Emphasis will be on social sector and non-security related areas in the next strategic dialogue meeting," sources pointed out. "Both sides will try to focus on 4-5 priority areas like agriculture, energy, trade, water etc in order to address specific issues in the meeting," they argued.

Pakistan s Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will chair from each side.

Strategic dialogue was started in 2008 but was suspended in 2010 after strained relations between both countries on security issues.

Core groups in different areas under the umbrella of strategic dialogue continued to meet but foreign ministers did not meet for this purpose during last two years. The process remained stalled as tensions peaked between Pakistan and US during the last year or so on security issues.

As many as 11 core groups are part of strategic dialogue process, including Economy and Trade, Energy, Defense, Security, Strategic Stability and Non-Proliferation, Law Enforcement and Counter-terrorism, Science and Technology, Education, Agriculture, Water, Health and Communication and Public Diplomacy.

Pakistan and US are trying to put the bilateral relationship back on track after signing agreement on NATO supply routes, particularly since the US has also apologized on Salala incident and also released the outstanding coalition support funds.

"Revival of strategic dialogue will also be another indication that the US is serious in its long term commitment to Pakistan and is not going to leave it high and dry," sources said. They, however, cautioned that the discussions under the strategic dialogue this time round will be much more focused and only in high priority areas.