PESHAWAR - The elders of ‘Amn Committees’ of tehsil Safi, Qandhari and Anbaar, Mohmand Agency, Thursday announced to end extending all sorts of cooperation to the political administration, and demanded its accountability.

The tribal alders also warned of boycotting all government functions if the government failed to remove the incumbent political agent till Eidul-Fitr. The tribal elders including Haji Subidar, head of Safi Peace Committee, Malik Mukhtiar, Khanadan Utmankhel, and Malik Sarwar addressed a news conference here at press club and said the tribesmen always rendered sacrifices for the nation and defence of the motherland, but the government ignored them.

Malik Subedar said the tribesmen from the day first were safeguarding the boundaries, adding that due to worsening law and order situation, the tribesmen were now facing numerous difficulties but the political administration always deprived them of their rights.

The peace bodies head accused the Political Agent Adil Sadiq of rampant corruption, in addition to embezzlement of up to Rs 70 million.

He alleged that now the PA also transferred salaries of Khasadar force worth about Rs 8.4 million into his personal account.

He further alleged that the PA also collected illegal traffic commission in Mohmand Agency.