ISLAMABAD - The Capital Territory (ICT) Police have finalized a comprehensive security and patrolling plan on the eve of Al-Quds Day and Eid-ul-Fitr besides enhancing the security at public places, worship places and other important buildings to thwart any untoward incident.

According to a press note issued from the office of Senior Superintendent Islamabad police, on Thursday the security plan was finalized here at a meeting presided by Inspector General of Police (IGP) Bani Amin Khan.

In connection with Al-Quds Day, elaborate security measures have been taken and the IGP directed to ensure strict security measures outside all mosques, imambargahs, exit and entry points of the city.

The Islamabad police along with contingents of Rangers and FC will ensure foolproof security arrangements on this occasion and police commandos will be deployed along with procession for the safety of the people.

The IGP also directed all Superintendents of Police and Sub-Divisonal Police Officers to improve the security plan and ensure checking of every person through metal detectors at mosques and imambargahs in their respective jurisdictions.

It has been categorically directed to ensure compliance of security plan and launch a special drive against the professional beggars and they should not be allowed to gather outside the worship places. The police officials have been also directed to carry out special checking of hotels, motels, inns and guesthouses for security purpose.

During Eid days, the IGP also directed policemen to remain on high alert and fully prepared. According to the security plan, more than 2000 policemen would patrol in various sectors during Eid holidays.

However, IGP has appealed people to inform relevant police stations before their departure to native areas.

During Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, Masajids and Imambargahs will be covered by armed guards and policemen. The Special Quick Response Force (QRF) teams have been constituted for immediate assistance to citizens while vehicles, earlier serving with various squads, will be on patrolling duty to ensure vigilance during Eid days.

According to this plan, policemen would also patrol in the various sectors and police in charges of circles would ensure proper security at the Eid congregations in various locations. SPs will conduct checking of security and patrolling duties in their respective areas and to ensure coordination among all the mobile police teams.