LAHORE – Whilst addressing thousands of followers of Naqeebi spiritual chain, on the night of 27th  Ramazan ul Mubarik, Hazrat Khawaja Sufi Muhammad Azmat Ullah Shah said that all the saints of that time supported Quaid e Azam for the creation of Pakistan and dervishes of today need to play role to save Pakistan too by supporting Imran Khan, says a pakistan.

He further said that after the creation of Pakistan the custodians limited themselves to their Dargahs but now it is need of the hour that we should support the cause Imran Khan.

He added, all the negative powers were against Quaid e Azam and now they are united against Imran Khan as they are afraid of him. He said that our millions of followers in Pakistan and abroad will support Imran Khan and we will stand by him hand in hand.