LAHORE - The Timber Merchants Trade Group has urged the government to immediately announce some foolproof security plan for businessmen as law and order is getting out of hand with every passing day, as police have failed to provide security to the business community.

Timber Merchants Trade Group general secretary Ammad Azam Butt, in a statement, on Thursday said that daily dacoities, repeated incidents of car and mobile snatching are enough to prove that police alone cannot handle law and order situation. He said that at least four dacoity incidents have took place in the area of only in timber market while the Ravi Road police failed to provide security to the timber merchants. They are even refusing to lodge FIRs against the culprits.

Ammad Butt said that the Ravi Road Police Station SHO Irshad Ahmed refused to lodge FIR of dacoity incidents, terming all these incidents as just theft. He said that earlier it was routine to set up pickets in the area on the days of recovery to control the criminal activities which has now been stopped and police is not making the round of the area.

He, while showing grave concern over the increasing number of extortion activities, incidents of dacoities, target killing and traders’ abduction in Lahore, Punjab and all over the country said police has failed to provide security to the business community. He said that the traders said incidents of robbery, theft and now killings of traders have harmed business environment and if government could not provide security to the taxpayers, it should resign at once.

Timber Merchants Trade Group general secretary said that bad law and order situation is not only hitting the local investments but also sending a very wrong signal to foreign investors.

 He said that it has also caused brain drain and industry drain as a large number of industrial units have shifted their operations to other countries. He said that business friendly atmosphere is a pre requisite to investment and industrialisation. Therefore, he said, the government would have to listen to the business community point of view for bringing peace back to this land of opportunities.