ISLAMABAD – With Eid preparations reaching almost at climax, the sweet sellers in the twin cities have started waiting for the festivity with an expectation to earn huge business through selling traditional sweets.

It has become a tradition for majority of the people to exchange sweets as gifts with their loved ones and serve dessert to the guests on the eid days and it add colour and charm to the festival.

Sweets have an essential role in all the festivities and the days before Eid-ul-Fitr are the busiest days during the whole year  for sweet makers across the country.

Amina a young girl said, “Eid remains incomplete without serving sweets including vermicelli and Mithais to the visiting friends and guests. We always exchange eid gifts and sweets on Eid-ul-Fitr among the near and dear ones to share happiness”.

“We use to make traditional sweet dishes especially vermicelli on the Eid day and it is served as a first meal”, she said.

A young girl, Saima said “After buying bangles and henna on Chand Raat, the most exciting thing is to cook sweets the whole night before eid”. added.

“I prefer serving Kheer, Sheer Khurma and Ras Malai on the occasion of Eid to my cousins and friends when they visit my home”.

A sweet seller at a local market, Asim said “Carrot halwa, rus gullay, gulab jaman and burfis are the most demanding sweets on the occasion of Eid while most of the children and youngsters like cakes flavoured with coffee, pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, moose, strawberry and almond”.

“Eid gives best opportunity for sweet sellers to earn good business as the sale of different varieties of sweets multiplies when people start exchanging sweets with greetings”, he said.