KHYBBER AGENCY - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has completed the renovation of Hamza Baba’s shrine - a notable Pashto poet, said a statement yesterday.

The renovation project was completed with Rs 3.5 millions on the direction of governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the repairing plan boundary walls, security posts, renovation of the tomb grills, library building of the shrine were restored.

Hazma Baba was a renowned Pashto poet, his work is considered a fusion between classic and modern poetry. He followed the traditional old classical poetry and blended it with the modern spirit, as well as introducing new ideas in Pashto Ghazals. He is known as the father of Pashto ghazals.

A simple gathering was held inside the shrine of the Hamza Baba, which was attended by scholar Tahir Bukhari, Dr Masud, Kaleem Shinwari beside dozens of renowned poets from Peshawar and Khyber.

Speakers on this occasion highlighted the key aspect of Hamza Baba’s life and said teachings of the great Pashto poet are a source of guidance for the readers. They also demanded provision of staff members to the Hamza Baba library so that it could quench thirst of students of Pashto literature.

The poets and intellectuals of the Pashto language thanked the governor KP, officials of FATA secretariat and political agent Khyber for generously spending on the beautification of the shrine.

Prior to it, floral wreath was laid on the grave of the poet and prayer was offered for his soul.